SABER Risk Solutions provides our unique outsourced risk data solution directly to clients AND their brokers, consultants and other risk advisors. We will partner with you in pursuit of a new client including loss analysis, opportunity identification, strategy discussion, RFP response, sales presentation and client meetings - usually at no cost.


We understand that maintaining risk data management capabilities in-house can be time consuming, expensive and cumbersome even for the largest organizations. All too often, resources that could be working with clients and prospects must spend a significant portion of their valuable time manipulating data.


With SABER as your risk data management partner, you will...

  • Differentiate - build service plans & proposals to address how your firm's unique capabilities will address a clients' specific patterns, opportunities & issues

  • Be empowered to drive your brand - SABER provides a private label option

  • Improve efficiency - loss & exposure data consolidated in one system - supports claims, risk control, actuarial analysis, allocations, communication & insurance marketing

  • Identify opportunities - for value added loss control, claim consulting & other services

  • Eliminate administrative overhead - learning & utilizing an RMIS, manipulating spreadsheets or other documents, comparing results based on various sets of data

  • Outsource to a dedicated expert - challenges associated with acquisitions, new data sources, changing technology and client requests

  • Address scale - new clients, new opportunities, & staff changes

Add a Team of Risk Professionals Who Know Data to Your Team - TODAY