How We Are Different - Solutions, Not Software

SABER is the result of 30+ years of successful service to risk management professionals. We are risk professionals who know how to leverage risk data to identify opportunities and improve results. Our business model removes many of the barriers that keep organizations from realizing the benefits of improved data management.

  • Tailored solutions delivered in an outsourced service bureau model by risk professionals who thoroughly understand data

  • No software to buy, license, update or operate - in fact, no long term contract of any type

  • Rapid implementation - days or weeks, not months or years

  • Negligible initial cost - often zero

  • Reasonable ongoing costs - determined primarily by factors that impact our costs, not the number of reports, recipients or users

  • Ongoing hands-on involvement - supporting your risk management process

  • Minimal impact on internal resources including IT

  • Proven impact on total cost of risk, enhanced operational efficiency and return on investment 


Additional Information

SABER is the first to provide fully outsourced data management services designed to empower risk professionals by reducing risk data pain. We combine expert risk management expertise with proven technical capabilities to deliver a tailored solution to each client - often as low as ¼ the cost of RMIS software. We address many of the issues where Risk Management Information Systems are utilized in an outsourced service model rather than simply providing access to a system.

For example, on the casualty side we assist with data consolidation, data quality improvement, report generation and distribution, and other related services. We take on the "heavy lifting" associated with these challenges and provide customized solutions with virtually no effort on the part of our clients. On the property side we do provide very customized online systems but maintain a very hands-on role in data updates, report preparation & distribution, cost allocations and other complex and time consuming tasks.