What is SABER and what do you mean by "empowered" data services?

There are numerous software vendors and Risk Management Information Service providers in the marketplace - as well as systems provided by Insurance Companies and Third Party Claim Administrators (TPA's). However, we believe there is a significant gap between expensive full service RMIS systems and the capabilities of Insurance Companies and Claim Administrators. The net impact of this gap is that many Risk Professionals struggle to manage data and do not realize the full benefits of performance analysis and reporting.

Our outsourced data management approach frees Risk Professionals from the time consuming and frustrating process of gathering, consolidating & analyzing data and positioning the results as a strategic asset.

Does your company name (SABER) mean or stand for anything specific?  

We thought our unique service deserved a unique name. Our founder has traveled extensively in Mexico and Latin America. In Spanish the word saber means "to know" or "to possess knowledge." At SABER we are passionate about turning data into knowledge and helping our clients utilize risk data to drive positive results.

Is SABER affiliated with any other organization? Broker? Insurance Company? TPA?

SABER Risk Solutions is a completely independent organization and is not affiliated with any Broker, Consultant, Insurance Company, TPA or any other business. We are privately owned and do not have any debt or outside investors.

Do you provide any claims or risk control services? Do you work with Brokers, Insurance Companies, TPA's or Consultants? Do you provide Actuarial Services?

We provide only data management and risk analysis solutions and do not provide any of the above services. However, we do work closely with brokers, consultants, actuaries and other service providers to assist them with their data management challenges. Because we focus solely on data management, we do not compete with any of these organizations. We are not actuaries but frequently work with actuaries and financial professionals. Our involvement streamlines the process by providing them with consistent, reliable data in support of their activities.

Frequently Asked Questions